My Mother’s Day. :)

My Mother's Day Stash. 🙂

I had a fun Mother’s Day weekend.  We really rather celebrated on Saturday, at least for me.  It was such a gorgeous day.  A “cold front” had come through the region which meant that the temperatures were back in the 70s with low humidity.  Ahhh….  We went to the hardware store where I received all of my presents except the owl.  He was an acquisition from a Garden center when Haus Meister went to buy a grape plant for our sideyard.  Incidentally, I named the owl “Nicodemus” thinking it was the name of the owl in The Secret of Nimh, favorite movie of first grade or so.  Well, looking it up later on Wikipedia, I found out I was wrong.  Nicodemus was a Rat.  Oh well, the name stays.  Serves me right for taking a name from something I haven’t seen in 20-odd years.

Anyway.  I’m happy to have a new cutting board at last, and SO happy to have a replacement for our showerhead identical to the one that broke a couple of weeks ago.  It may say water-saver on the box, but if you remove that option it’s more like “deluge.”  I prefer the latter.

The book looks very interesting.  I had it on my wishlist for the sake of one project inside, and so of course now I have about four more added to the list.   By the by, wishlists are great.  Haus Meister keeps tabs of mine for holidays like this so he always knows what I want and can pick anything on it and still sort of surprise me. 😉

After our hardware store trip we got dinner-to-go at our favorite local diner down the street.  It was built in the late ’50s and still maintains that vintage look.  As they are very low on seating (seats 6 inside with a picnic table outside) we opted to eat at home in the comfort of our backyard, while the kids ran around with sidewalk chalk and hopped in and out of their kiddie pool.  The leaves on the trees were a perfect canopy above us, the garden looked very respectable beside us, and the mosquitoes had the decency to remain dormant a little longer.   I had a bottle of my new favorite cola (not from the diner), and life was very good.

This is not Coca Cola Classic. But it is SO good. Virgil's Root Beer is even better.

In a way I am very glad we had such a nice Saturday because Sunday was full of amusing mishaps.  Rascal brought me doughnuts in bed, but due to a series of events it transpired that he and Dinosaur ate all of them before I had a chance to nab one.  😉  Haus Meister had to serve the 10:30am Knights of Columbus Mass, and then he’d swing back and get us for the 12:15 Mass.  I chose to take the time to make brownies for our Mother’s Day dessert, as we would be hosting my in-laws and I knew that Haus Meister would need the oven in the afternoon.  While I worked at the counter, singing “Lord of All Hopefulness” to keep Sunshine happy, Dinosaur and Princess snuck a carton of eggs out of the fridge and broke about eight of them all over the coffee table.

Augh. Once again I bless the fact that we have hardwood floors.

As we came into Church for Mass, Princess grew enraged at the fact that we do not consider her old enough to walk through the parking lot without holding someone’s hand.  So livid was she at the slight to her independence that as soon as we entered the narthex (doesn’t that sound like a bug part?), she threw herself full length on the ground, toddler arms over her curly red head, and howled.   Oh my.  It was the tantrum to end all tantrums.  She didn’t let up until Offertory, either.  When we were finally able to rejoin the family, who were all being very good, she had five minutes’ quiet peace in the pew.  And then Trooper took a book away from her.  This time Haus Meister took her out, Sunshine in tow.  The boys trotted along with me to Communion and we filed back into the pew.  Haus Meister was toward the end of the Communion procession, holding the girls.  As he passed the pew, I noticed that Sunshine had just urped a bit and it was all over Haus Meister’s sleeve.  I dispatched Rascal to the opposite end of the pew so Haus Meister could grab a burp cloth, but as I turned to do so, Trooper decided Mass had gone on long enough and took off toward the back of Church.  He was very good-natured about it.  In his mind, it was a beautiful sunny day, there was a playground waiting, and parish announcements are so overrated anyway.

In sum, there are those Sundays when random people compliment us on our well-behaved children.  This was not one of them. 😉

3 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day. :)

  1. The eggs incident and your description of church sounds just like my kids! Sounds like you had a great Saturday, there’s just something about those perfect days. 🙂 O and I prefer the deluge shower heads as well. I don’t have that much time for a shower to begin with, much less trying to get it done with just a trickle of water.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you! We had a sick three year old and a teething baby on Mother’s Day, so it was a day of Ben and I taking shifts with various children to get to church, and visit both of our families! Still, it ended up being a nice day. Isn’t it wonderful to have husbands who appreciate what we do? It makes such a big difference.

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