Day out with Thomas

Day Out With Thomas

Recently we had the opportunity to make a field trip of a day to a nearby railroad and meet Thomas the Tank Engine!  The boys were thrilled to pieces.  As Thomas was visiting a working station, both tour trains and commercial trains were running at the same time as Thomas, so there were plenty of “choo-choos” to keep all enthusiasts happy.

We borrowed some of our in-laws for the afternoon to help with the littler guys and I am happy to say we survived the two hour stay with no meltdowns or accidents.  There was a hairy moment in the Imagination Station tent where Trooper got frustrated because the battery-operated trains wouldn’t run (the batteries were dead), but he got over it quickly and perhaps it was better so.  If all the trains had been running we might have had a harder time getting him out of there. 😉  Trooper  also did a fantastic job waiting in lines, which isn’t his favorite thing in the world.

Rascal wanted to see Percy and Gordon as well, but I told him that Sir Topham Hatt couldn’t spare them from their branch lines.

Everyone loved watching the scenery go by from the windows during the train ride.  Everyone except Sunshine, that is.  She slept the entire time.

More importantly, I want to add here that I entered the Gift Shop tent to get our “treasure map” and free gift and left without suffering any wallet damage.  If they had sold pieces for the wooden Thomas set that might not have been the case, but I digress. 😉

If Thomas is coming to your area and you have little Sodor aficionados in your house, you might think about making a trip.  The train ride itself was only about 25 minutes, perfect for shorter attention spans (although our older boys have done the 55 minute tour train with little trouble).

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