A random observation regarding tea…

Despite my frequent praise of the coffee I drink every morning, I am at heart a tea person.  That’s why the url for this blog reads–or ought to read–Tea’s Ready.  I say that often, usually to Haus Meister on winter evenings a few minutes after the kettle has been taken off the burner and the Earl Grey has had time to brew.

In the Spring and Summer months we drink gallons of homemade ice tea.   I almost never leave the tea pitcher out in the sun to brew, however.  There simply isn’t time.  If the pitcher is empty, it needs to be washed and refilled before the next thirsty spell hits. 😉  I wrote last year about my Country Peachberry Zinger iced tea, so I won’t repeat it here. Instead I’m going to discuss other flavors.

Occasionally I am given those Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea samplers around Christmastide, but aside from the peach and raspberry teas, I haven’t been tempted by the Blueberry Tea.  Or the Wild Berry Zinger.  Or especially the Black Cherry Berry.  I guess this is because I typically drink hot teas at the times I’ve received the samplers, and none of those appealed to me in heated form.  hmm.  Anyway, the other day I noticed we were going through one pitcher of tea rather quickly so I went to make a decaf pitcher and used the Blueberry tea.  A little sugar, some ice…and I was hooked!

Hmm….tastes pretty good, actually…. another sip.  Might be better than Kool-Aid for the kids…. another sip.  Oh yeah, definitely better than Kool-Aid.

I don’t suppose I have anything against Kool-Aid.  It was the staple beverage of my childhood summers, after all.  However, the children are always stealing sips of my tea anyway, so I just keep buying tea.

The thought of Kool-Aid reminds me of a family story that we like to bring up whenever my family is reminiscing about the bygone days when Kiddo and I were the little ones (days that keep flashing back more and more now that I have two daughters).  So here we go:

It’s dinnertime and Dad brings up the fact that we seem to be going through a lot of sugar lately.  A family friend mentioned that it took their family of eight a month to get through a 5lb bag of sugar, and we four seemed to plow through that weekly (to this day I still don’t know how the friend did it, but that’s me). Dad had a hunch he knew where the sugar was going.

DAD: Girls, how much sugar do you put in the Kool-Aid?

ME: (meekly) Seven scoops.

KIDDO: (jubilantly) I put FOURTEEN!

I remember we were all shocked for a second and then Dad had to laugh.  “Well, that’s where it went,” he said, having proved his hypothesis.  Kiddo always did like her drinks sweeter, and we always could tell when she had made the Kool-Aid.

This post exists because I am the only one awake at 9:50pm on a Friday.  Even Hobbit Dog has seized the opportunity for an early bedtime.  Rather than carry on a one-sided conversation with myself, I give you the stream of consciousness blog entry of a happy Haus Frau who is ignoring the fact that her trusty broom is standing by, waiting to be used again.

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