How does your garden grow? (2010 edition)

We returned from our Indiana sojourn yesterday evening, armed yet again with a pile of ambitions gleaned from The Backyard Homestead and mulled over during the nine-hour drive.   We all enjoyed taking care of Mom/entertaining her for a week, although I wish we could have done more for someone who has done so much for us.  Dinosaur was especially sweet with his Grandma, escorting her on walks and sitting next to her when she needed to take a break periodically throughout the day.   I know Grandpa and Grandma miss us as much as we miss them…and in about another week or two they might miss all the noise we made. 😉

Today we caught up on some yard work–which was necessary Sunday work as the lawn had begun to assume a jungle-like state in the week we were gone, despite Haus Meister mowing it down the evening before we left.  I had to do the grocery shopping and while there I selected some plants for the garden. We had such amazing success with the tomatoes I picked out last year, so I couldn’t help but try for some more.  I got the Cherokee Purple variety again and then a Beefsteak and something called Ace 55.

In keeping with our original plans, we chose a bell pepper variety–Bullnose.  We also obtained three jalapeno pepper plants from my in-laws, who ended up with more plants than they needed and were happy to share (it’s a barter thing; they’ll be getting some tomatoes in due time).

I insisted this year that there be no beans involved in our garden.  We had the idea of growing beans and tomatoes side by side in our little garden bed last year, but unfortunately chose pole beans instead of bush beans.  The tomato plants were growing like crazy on our make-shift trellises and grew over onto the bean trellis as well.  The beans never really had a chance.  In lieu of the hundreds of little bean starts I have chosen one (1) zucchini plant for our garden this year.  I’m thinking zucchini muffins….yummm…. If that plant can give me one good zucchini I shall be well pleased.

The other addition to the garden is a small patch of thyme.  Our herb pots are still indoors for now because my place to house them isn’t ready yet (that is an entire blogpost in itself, coming soon to this site near you), but the thyme I had started never grew.  So, it was off to the store!  I did notice that their oregano and rosemary plants looked wonderful–ready to harvest this year–unlike my humble little starts that are just creeping above the rim of their pots.  I refuse to be discouraged this early in the game.  The thyme we planted may or may not be moved when we get all our ducks in a row.  It couldn’t stay where it was in a pot on the porch, though–the John Deere boys would have tried to plant it in one of their little craters in the yard in an unguarded moment.

Of course, as I sit here and type this confident description of our garden this year, there remains this laughter in the back of my mind that tells me we still have no idea what we’re doing.  Haus Meister and I are just a couple of silly dreamers armed with some seeds, a “bit of earth,” a couple of books, and our ambitions.  But you know, we’re having fun, and that’s the important thing. 😉

Haus Frau discovered a new photo editing software. She had way too much fun labeling this picture.

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