Small Successes: Easter Week Edition

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.
Something  you should know before I begin: this edition spans about two weeks, not one.  It would have been a very busy week for me otherwise! 😉

1) I switched out the cold weather clothes for the warm weather clothes in each and every closet.  For some, it wasn’t so hard–some of Rascal’s T-shirts that I left out were simply moved to Dinosaur’s drawer.  It’s hard to imagine the kids having grown so much since October, but apparently they did so.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Target stores for stocking a helicopter T-shirt in their summer selection as it made the transferral of a previous favorite helicopter shirt to a little brother’s possession that much easier for a Rascal to bear.

2) A bunny cake.  The frosting looks clumpy because it has coconut in it, ok? 😉  Using the recipe and etc found here, I did manage to create something that looks like a rabbit.  Sort of.  And as I am never to be considered a remotely professional cake decorator, I feel safe posting this picture without being submitted to

"He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny"

3)EASTER DRESSES!  My ambitions were at their peak the Saturday before Palm Sunday, as I had a weekend and more ahead of me and the knowledge that the pink dress I had intended for Sunshine to wear on Easter was just not going to fit her.  At all.  The patterns I had found earlier were a little too complex for quick sewing, so I decided a pull-over dress would be a better option.  Here’s the pattern, which gets a lot of mileage, as a modified view D turns into most of the nightgowns I’ve made for the girls.

View F became the Easter dresses for my little darlings.  I opted not to use rosettes, or decorative buttons in lieu of rosettes as previously planned, because the dresses looked all right without them.  I cut out the fabric that Saturday, began the dresses on Palm Sunday, and finished them on Good Friday.

Since then I’ve also refashioned an old maternity shirt into a nightie for Sunshine.  It was hastily constructed and looks it, which is why I’m not posting a picture.  I also tried my hand at my first pillowcase dress.  As it was an old ecru jersey knit pillowcase, I used periwinkle ribbon for the ties just to add some color.  I can’t tell whether it makes Princess look Victorian or Grecian.  I don’t have a picture of it yet, but might get around to posting one eventually.

Other things to rejoice about this week:

Bonus Success:  Dinosaur is out of pull-ups 85% of the time (we have not been brave enough to take him on extended errands–or even to Church–without pull-ups yet).

Mega Bonus Success: Saving the best for last.  Can you imagine waiting six years to hear your child tell you that a horse says “Neigh?”  Or that a cow says “Moo”?  Or to perfectly pronounce all his vowels?  Or to tell you “Hi” when you ask?  Or to say “Uh oh!”?  If you can imagine that, you can imagine how we are rejoicing for the Trooper lately.

4 thoughts on “Small Successes: Easter Week Edition

  1. I’m more than a little in awe. 5 successes in a week? The dresses are precious! Do you find that making clothes saves money, or is it more for the hobby/creative outlet/novelty/getting something you really like/heirloom quality?

  2. In more than a week–I added that caveat at the top of the post. 😉

    Why do I make clothes? Hmm…it depends upon the item. Nightgowns for little girls are sweet, I think, and hard to find in the more convenient shopping areas I find myself in, so that’s why I make them. They are also easy, and cheaper to make than to mail order in some cases. If it was a dress for myself, I’d say I’d be pulling even stevens there. I made a Boppy slipcover once that was definitely cheaper. Easter and Christmas dresses I definitely do for the heirloom/memory thing.

    In the end, I sew because I love it.

  3. That Easter Bunny cake is the same one my mom always made when we were kids–and in fact, she still makes it today! What great successes for Trooper! That’s so awesome!

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