Easter Baskets

Easter baskets nicely arranged. Time: 1am, or maybe after.

This is the “Before” picture.  Now comes the “After.”

Easter baskets at or around 8am.

Personally, I think the couch cushion on the floor is a nice touch.  What a picturesque way to underline the antics of four sugar-happy kids on Easter morning.  The blue thing on the rug?  That’s a Morphibian.  Rascal specifically requested it weeks ago.  I’m willing to believe most families have one child who would write to the Easter Bunny as well as to Santa.  Rascal didn’t go that far, but he did see “The Blue Car” in a catalog and suggested that it would be nice to see it in his Easter basket (no doubt remembering our family habit of saving bigger gifts for birthdays and Christmas and figuring Easter would be a more pleasant alternative than waiting for August). 😉  I decided he’d earned it well enough because he can be such a helper.  Any kid who volunteers to sing his crying baby sister lullabies while Mommy gets the dinner on deserves a treat.  I’m mean about it, though:  he still has to share it. 😉

I’m glad I did get it because Rascal woke up at 1:47am to check out the baskets (we share baskets, incidentally).  Seeing the Morphibian, there was great cheer and rejoicing.  He took it back to bed with him.  He was so happy he didn’t sleep for another hour.  He would spontaneously break into song and sing the words: “Happy Easter.”  And he still had the energy to participate in the chocolate and jelly bean carnage at 8am.

Childhood is great.

And in case you’re wondering about our homegrown Easter grass?  It went out of control.  We planted it in our backyard.  Next year: 1/2 cup of wheat, not 2 cups…

2 thoughts on “Easter Baskets

  1. I just noticed that there is a copy of “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes” on your table there–Rose received that book as a gift three years ago, and up until about a year ago, we read it multiple times nearly every day. Every time I see the cover I get that sinking feeling–Ugh, do I have to read that AGAIN? I’m guessing that book is more for Princess right now than for the boys, though of course I could be wrong!

  2. Um yes, that book is probably so much more for the girls rather than the guys. 😉 That’s why there’s the Morphibian and the JD computer game. 😉 I can’t imagine reading the Country Bunny book daily, unlike “This Little Chick” which was Trooper’s favorite once upon a time. I got the Country Bunny book because it had once been on the shelf at Haus Meister’s late grandparents’ house and we have many fond memories of that place.

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