Points of view

A new blouse I ordered arrived in the mail yesterday.  After trying it on, I came out of my room and went over to Rascal and Dinosaur, who were playing in the living room.

“What do you think, guys?” I asked.  “Do you like Mommy’s new shirt?”

Rascal: nods with a grin (although he was disappointed the box containing said shirt did not come with bubble wrap).

Dinosaur: “NO! Take it AWF!”

Hmph.  Well.  I like it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Points of view

  1. hahaha… you know, I don’t think she offered an opinion. She was too busy removing the latest batch of hair things I had bought her. You would think someone so concerned about the color of her shoes (yes, even at 18mos) would be amenable to having her hair properly brushed and “styled,” but nooooo….

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