Palm Sunday

Lent is almost over.  Was it a “good” Lent?  In many respects, maybe.  I always end up feeling that I could have–should have–done better in a lot of ways.  Ah well, there’s always next year.

Palm Sunday went well.  I told Sunshine this morning that she might want to sleep through Mass as it would be longer than usual.  She listened and obeyed!  However, I forgot to tell Princess that she should resign herself to staying in the pew, because that is certainly not where she wanted to be!  Each Sunday I remind myself that my three mostly quiet sons were once little imps who refused to sit through the Mass.  Princess will get to that point someday, in time for Sunshine to take her place, of course. 😉

The boys were impressed to receive their palms.  As it rained this morning, we did not process into the Church from the parking lot as was previously planned (although it’s been years since our family has done so anyway, as it is too tempting for the children to be outside too long before entering the Church building.  They tend to suddenly remember that there is a playground behind the Church that they absolutely MUST reach!).  Instead, Father began the Mass with the blessing of the palms in the back of Church and then the ushers distributed them to the pews.  Trooper didn’t want a palm, so Rascal took his and one for himself.  Dinosaur liked his palm, and Princess wanted two as well.  She had no idea what they were, however, and kept trying to wear it on her head or as a necklace.  Mild frustration ensued.

I’ll be keeping up with the ceremonies of Holy Week via EWTN.  This year Haus Meister plans to take Trooper and Rascal to either the Holy Thursday Mass or Good Friday service  (or both, if things go well).  We think they are at a better age for it, and I’ll keep the younger set home as the liturgies are scheduled quite close to their bedtimes.  We’ll see how things go.

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