Green thumbs

This is not Haus Frau's kitchen window.

We returned yesterday from a whirlwind trip North to visit my family and participate in the baptism of our newest niece.  The baptism was originally scheduled earlier in the month, but then the priest fell sick and it was postponed (luckily for us, as we were also sick at the time).  It was a refreshing weekend, despite the driving, or maybe in a way because of it.  We managed to pack a cooler this time (thanks to the added storage capacity of the Beast) and the weather permitted us a quick “picnic”–or “pic-a-nic” as Rascal calls it–stop both on the way North and back South again.  It was fun to give the children a chance to stretch their legs.

The long drive has always offered Haus Meister and I a good opportunity to think, plan, or discuss some things together, at least during these years when 4 out of 5 children still nap in the car from time to time (Trooper hasn’t napped in the car in years–he doesn’t want to miss a truck).  This weekend we discussed the future of our backyard–specifically the small part of it allotted for gardening purposes.  Never mind that we had intended only tomatoes and peppers for this year’s crop: we were armed with a new guidebook thanks to my habit of browsing the Cracker Barrel gift shop during “quick” stops.

No cows, goats, pigs, or fruit trees for us in this backyard, but we could expand a bit of garden if we planted some herbs in pots or plant boxes, right? Maybe?   We decided to give it a whirl.  If my seeds do not come up, I know our favorite neo-hippie organic health food store will be offering herb and vegetable plants for sale very soon.  In fact, using those plants  is where we had our best success last year.

Rascal won out in his hope for pumpkins, though, as I remembered some seeds I saved from last year.  Today he planted some seeds in a Burpee starter tray.   Even Trooper dropped a few seeds into a pot for me.  I was so pleased as usually he pushes unfamiliar things away.  Watching their interest, I fervently wished that if nothing else grew, please, at least let the pumpkins grow!  😉

3 thoughts on “Green thumbs

  1. A garden is a great family project, however this general idea does not necessarily take into account that one member of the family may have alternate plans for the designated plot of land once he bring his ‘exabater’ on site and begins trenching. Of course this is okay if your idea of a garden is 2 foot mounds of top soil with the vegetables growing in a random fashion out of them.

  2. sounds like us- we read “Fresh foods from small spaces” recently and were inspired… bought our seeds from our fav “organic store” I’m impressed with your wheat grass! I do some occasional sprouting, but I’ve never tried wheat before. Way cool for Easter baskets!! wish I’d thought of that!

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