Musing about schooling on a dull grey day.

Two grey days in  a row.  A baby whose body clock did not adjust to Daylight Savings Time.  She falls asleep for the night at 1am, after resisting every attempt to put her down starting at or around 10pm.  Maybe it will be different tonight.  On the other hand, Sunshine has slept from1-8am last night/wee hours of morning and did the same the night before.  I will not complain about that!

The sun might peek out of the clouds again tomorrow, for which I will be grateful.  These past few days felt so much like winter, and being tired hasn’t helped.  I am glad it is March, though.  Things are really picking up in Nature and in our classroom.  We’re in our Spring unit!  Our homegrown Easter grass is coming along nicely–although we did have to restart it after someone accidentally spilled the first pan off the folding table in the laundry room.  It was better so–I had used lentils instead of wheat and wheat gives a better effect.  Meanwhile, Rascal is learning about birds and nests.  We’re watching the falcons and their nest in Indianapolis (see sidebar for the link).  Trooper is coming along splendidly learning the alphabet.  He can recognize both upper and lowercase letters.  When you consider that this time last year, I was unsure whether he even knew his colors, he has come along amazingly.  🙂

Despite all this, I felt like January and February were the “doldrum” months of schooling.  Maybe it was settling into the routine with the addition of a new baby, and the long days Haus Meister had to put in at the office.  Maybe it’s coming off the Christmas high  in January and settling into Lent in February…  Maybe it’s me–maybe I need to temper my ambitions to reality.  The boys seemed to enjoy school still, after all.  In any case, I hope next year to think of more projects/study units to make the “doldrum months” more exciting.

Meanwhile, the curriculum catalogs are arriving!  I’m already excited about new books for the Fall.  Rascal will be in Kindergarten–we have been giving him some Kindergarten material via Catholic Heritage Curricula, and he did a fantastic job in Math.  However, we are still working on his pre-reading skills, so we have no problem going into “Kindergarten Year B” this year.  😉  Trooper will be retaking the Brigance test this Spring and I already foresee marked improvement in his scores.  Both boys have been such fun students, and I am so blessed to have the privilege of having an integral, daily part in their education.

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