“Potential Meltdown in Aisle Nine….”

This weekend has been the first since Sunshine’s Baptism weekend that Haus Meister hasn’t had to work, in addition to overtime during the week.  The project is finished, the deadline was met, the company is impressed, and he had a much-needed three-day weekend as a reward. 🙂   Friday morning found the two of us planning what to do with our weekend–a wet, rainy weekend.   We also ambitiously branched out our planning to encompass the rest of the Spring as well, until I had a moment of revelation whilst doing the laundry.  “We need to remember our New Year’s Resolution!” I called out.

So, we tempered our planning to involve only those things that we had already started.  The weather did not permit any outdoor projects to take place, but we did pile everyone to the van for a trip to the Home Depot for a can of paint.  Perhaps that sounds crazy.  Even crazier: five kids cooped up in the house for five rainy days.  An outing was imperative, and none of the boys would have wanted to miss a trip to the hardware store anyway.  Even at their young ages they appreciate a look at power tools, electric lights, and….

Dinosaur noticed these immediately.  The large “JOHN DEERE” banner hanging above them also helped.  A row of gleaming green-and-yellow in all its full size glory was enough to bring an ear-to-ear grin to his little face.  After we picked up the items necessary for our weekend’s quest, we stopped by the riding mowers.  Dinosaur scrambled onto the seat and smiled, repeating the brand name and no doubt imagining himself plowing a field somewhere (never mind that it’s a mower–to him, anything JD is a tractor.  Unless it’s obviously a piece of construction equipment or a combine “harbester.”).  We allowed him to sit happily for a few minutes–a friendly orange-aproned worker from the HVAC display nearby adding to the transports of joy by approaching with a bucket of lollipops–and then it was time to go.

“But it’s mine!” Dinosaur says calmly, referring to the $1999 piece of machinery upon which he sat, sucker in hand.

“Well, honey, we don’t have the yard for it.  Maybe someday.”  When it’s in the family budget, for that matter.

“It’s MINE.”

However, the angels and saints preserved us, and contrary to my trepidations we made it out of the store without tears.  Maybe it was enough for him to have sat on the mower, to know that such things do exist on a scale larger than 1/32. 😉

The rest of the weekend went well, and we did accomplish some things on our resolution list, but most importantly we had a chance to regroup and relax as a family, and that was wonderful.

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