Our Sunshine Girl

Li’l Bean has a new pseudonym now: “Sunshine.”  I have updated my sidebar accordingly. Haus Meister and I decided upon this when Sunshine Baby woke up from her nap and bestowed upon us a beaming dimpled smile.  Those dimples have the power to melt hearts, dispel gloom, and perk up a bad day.  However, Sunshine would probably have an storm of teen angst at 15 if she learned I nicknamed her “Dimples,” so “Sunshine” it is. 😉

I had to think of something, after all.  A 2-month-old who tips the scale at over 14lbs isn’t very little. ;)-

One thought on “Our Sunshine Girl

  1. That’s really cute! I like it. I’ve always called Hank my Sunshine Boy because he’s a really cheerful little man. Or he was until he turned 3 and got ornery. 😦

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