Spring breezes

A lot of sun and a warm breeze, and almost magically, the grey clouds of winter lifted.  Suddenly it seemed there was a legitimate reason for my crocuses to be blooming so prettily out front!   By noon there was the mad scrabble of toddlers piling up at the back door to be let out into the backyard.  (Cue Mel Gibson’s “FREEEEDOOMMMM…”)  Yes! Spring came to our neck of the woods and despite the cold front looming on the weekend forecast, I think Spring has its foot in the door.   The opinion is universal; I have seen more of my neighbors in three days than I have in three months.

Dinosaur began to excavate our garden with a trowel, and then moved on to using a shovel almost twice the size of himself.  Rascal wanted to plant pumpkins and flowers.  I reminded him that this year our ambitions will center upon tomatoes and peppers.  Dinosaur could care less as long as he could use his “Jawn Deere exabator.”   Then, our little tot’s ride-on wooden bike broke, and Rascal the future engineer decided that the back two wheels, still attached to a piece of wood, made an excellent plow.  The sidekicks then used both pieces of the bike to “plow” the garden.  There is nothing like a child’s imagination.

Trooper makes the backyard ring with his collection of wind-chimes, and when he’s not entertaining us with a chorus, he’s either swinging or running around with his brothers.

Princess ran around the backyard today like a darling fairy-child.  Her little ringlets were blowing behind her in the breeze and she just looked so precious, like something out of a book.  Then she found the mud-hole.  She had a much needed bath tonight.

When outside for an airing, Miss Li’l Bean sleeps in her bouncy seat or in my arms.  She doesn’t have an opinion of the outdoors at this time.

Among the sights and sounds of Spring we experienced this weekend was the “cookout smell” or the “first trial of the grill for this year.”  Our neighbor behind us grilled out last Saturday.  His dogs were with him.   There are about three geriatric dachshunds living there, and while we’re friendly to dogs, these were not friendly to us.  Every time we’d come outside before we put our privacy fence up, they would hurl themselves at their fence (a ditch/creek  is between our yards) and snarl at us until their owner would call them in.  After the fence went up, we had peace.

Then two things happened.  We built the playhouse, and we got Hobbit Dog.  Now whenever the kids are up in the playhouse, they can look over the fence and see those dogs.  And the dogs can see them.  Barking and snarling ensue again.  Also, Hobbit Dog knows of one area he can slide under (unless his weight increases a bit more), and he likes to trot along our creekside and say “hi” to those dogs.  Barking and snarling continue.  On Saturday, those vociferous canines were in a frenzy because Hobbit Dog had yet again exploited the fence weakness AND the kids were in the playhouse laughing at those dogs going crazy on the other end.

Yes, I did manage to persuade friendly Hobbit Dog to return, and yes, I did tell the children to stop (accidentally) teasing the neighbors’ dogs.  Personally, I was afraid we’d give at least one of those dachshunds a heart attack.

3 thoughts on “Spring breezes

  1. Hahaha! Gotta love the geriatric daschunds. 🙂 And I cannot wait until my yard looks like yours sounds! The snow has started to melt for the first time this week!!!!

  2. Just came home from a meeting and swear it’s warmer now than when I left (53 deg). My witch hazel is sprouting its yellow tendrils–my first sign of spring! There are still snow patches, but they are disappearing fast.

  3. You have crocuses blooming! I’m so jealous–mine are still buried under several inches of snow out front. It was warm enough today to briefly open windows in the afternoon, and I enjoyed that. Hopefully, we’ll be out running around more in a few weeks!

    Daschunds are unnatural and strange animals. Tell the kids to give ’em hell! 😉

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