In like a lion…

On the first of March I removed my Winter flag from the front porch and in defiance flew the Spring one.   It snowed a little the next day.  That threw the Rascal off a bit.

“It’s Christmas!” calls Rascal as he eagerly views the flurries, wondering whether enough would accumulate so that we could freeze another snowball.

“Not quite, sweetheart,” I say, sorry to burst his bubble.  “Christmas won’t come for a while.  It’s technically almost Spring right now.”

“So it’s Easter?”

“Let’s go with St. Patrick’s Day.”

Admittedly, on March 1 I was almost willing to suggest that the month “came in like a lamb.”  Despite the forecast for snow on Tuesday, we had a pretty mild Monday.  Nothing was very out of sorts, and we even had a fun visit in the afternoon from one of our best friends.  She brought little ice cream cups for the kids and won them over more than ever, if possible. 😉  Although Lent, the ice cream was providential because by Tuesday evening three of the kids were coughing and sniffling.  After displaying phenomenally good behavior at the doctor’s office on Wednesday, I gladly rewarded them with the last of the ice cream.  Rascal says it kills germs.

Tonight, all of my children are coughing and sniffling.  I am trying to rid myself of the nagging paranoiac reminder that something like this happened three years ago, when little baby Dinosaur celebrated his one month birthday in the hospital with RSV.   Six days we were there.   Ugh.  That just serves to remind me that the only time I have been in that hospital for anything celebratory was the day Trooper was released from the NICU.  Random digression.  Anyway– Li’l Bean seems to be weathering this cold better than baby Dino did his, but then she’s a hearty little lass who at 6 weeks weighed more than Dino did at 3 months.  I guess she felt she had to be tougher than tough coming to join this crowd. 😉

The virus sounded the death knell to our plans to head North this weekend to meet our new niece/cousin and stand in person as godparents at her Baptism tomorrow morning.   We rushed the christening gown through the postal service, and they did not fail us.  It was delivered this afternoon, and the gown’s tradition will continue.  I hope now we will all be well for Easter because it’s getting to be too long since we last visited (or so we think ;)).

Oh, and to add insult to injury–our coffee pot refused to work this morning.  No threats, or cajoles, or on-our-knees pleading would convince it to brew our morning elixir.  I suppose it didn’t matter as much this morning; since the kids are so wiped out from their ailments they are sleeping in longer than usual (7am instead of 5:45am) and consequently we are too, a little, at least. 😉  However, I called my in-laws and asked to borrow a spare coffeemaker I knew they had.  I will show our errant little appliance who is Queen in this Kitchen!

So in brief, I am now willing to postulate that March came in like a lion.  For us, a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and occasionally wheezing one.  Here’s looking forward to seeing the month go out as a sprightly little lamb!

2 thoughts on “In like a lion…

  1. We just can’t seem to shake these constant colds either. My 3 year old has been waking up all night coughing, and everyone has runny noses this morning. Hope we all feel better soon!

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