Today I made a loaf of bread in my bread machine and left it on the counter to cool.  The recipe I’m using came from the side of a Bob’s Red Mill flour bag and I like it very much because you can use regular all-purpose flour (since I’ve been either too busy some days or too lazy on others to whip out the ol’ grain mill).  In any event, the top of my loaf tends to mushroom a bit so I just cut that bit off and leave the rest to cool.

Like so.

Well, I handed a bit of the fresh “mushroom” part of the bread to the Trooper, hoping to entice him since he is quite particular and looks askance at any bread I make that does not resemble sliced sandwich bread.   He took a bite and then I was called out of the room.  This what I saw upon my return some time later:

Evidence of a Bread Bandit

Only a third of the loaf was left to be sliced.   I took it quite philosophically; it doesn’t take long to make up another batch of dough in the machine and within ten minutes the machine hummed along again.

Trooper is now the Bread Bandit, joining forces with Dinosaur the One-Bite-Bandit, terror of the doughnut box (nothing like going to get a doughnut and finding that your 3yrold has attacked nearly half of them).

Speaking of bandits… Last week my neighbors began to redo their kitchen and over the course of the week had piled a mountain of old flooring and junked cabinets by the curb, as our city sends a truck around to collect that sort of thing every Friday.  I was highly amused to see a different truck pull up by the pile prior to Friday–my neighbors received a visit from the Scrap Metal Bandits!

One thought on “Banditti

  1. We have lollipop bandits around here. I find those small, sticky little sticks everywhere! They look really awesome covered in cat hair and dust. 😉

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