Lenten flowers

My Valentine’s roses having expired, I realized how much I miss the nice floral touch in our home.  I debated with myself as I did the week’s shopping last night, trying to decide whether a bouquet would be in keeping with the austere season we’re currently in.  Then, at our neo-hippie organic health food store, I saw a beautiful and affordable arrangement.  Best of all, it was purple.  Purple–a Lent color!  Huzzah!  I could be justified in this purchase. 😉

I noticed something funny about it when I got it to the van and began to drive home.  It only became more pronounced with the passage of time, and by the time Haus Meister put it in a vase for me, it was unmistakable.

My Lenten flowers smell like celery.

Now that’s penitential. 😉

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