Kids, Crackers, Crumbs….

I had a few more quiet moments than usual today as the kids were able to indulge in a Saturday afternoon movie (Cars, 67th viewing since Jan 1 –just teasing).  I retired with Baby to the haven in my room where I could sit back in my recliner with my own laptop.   Among other things I caught up on some blog reading and enjoyed this post on kids and dirt from Leila.

/Sigh.  The boys and I are definitely working on corralling messes.  Unfortunately, the boys could care less whether there were graham cracker crumbs in their bedsheets, or toys on the floor, or dishes left on the table.  Princess is more cleanliness-oriented, being ever willing to help sweep or put something away if you point it out to her–although she has found her artistic side and wants to decorate the walls with flourishes of crayon (another story).

The situation with the boys is exacerbated by the fact that Dinosaur is a food sneak-thief.  If I leave out a snack for them, he will approach it by stealth and then rush off with it and before I know it, he’s on the couch or in his bed enjoying graham crackers.  One fateful day the child lock was left open on one of the pantry cabinets and voila, the sneak-thief whisked into his room with a bag of cereal.  That mess alone was enough to make me think very highly of the idea of oatmeal for breakfast.  A pot of porridge would be less tempting to the snacker than a bag of dry cereal.  Or so I’d hope.

As I make a final sweep of things tonight (literally), and whisk up a few more stray crumbs, I think this coming week will see some reinforcement of snack time rules.  Perhaps if I get crafty enough I’ll make a pen and paper placemat for the kids (see the link above for details)…

It’s a thought, anyway.

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