I just found a dress pattern on Etsy that I am tempted to make this Spring.  Note: a Spring dress for the Haus Frau is on my project list so this doesn’t break my New Year’s Resolution. 😉  Until recently, I’ve found myself looking in vain for patterns worth my time and effort to create–for me, that is.  It occurred to me that the current trends were a bit unsatisfying (again, to me) and so I had to look back a bit.  This is what I found:

And you thought I was going to show an “Emma”-style dress, didn’t you? 😉

Over the past year or two, I’ve gathered a few more vintage patterns and one reproduction.  I hope to make all of them at some point, probably not this year (a Spring dress being the main project), but here’s a look at the queue:

As I look over these patterns I mused at the fact that two of them are really “housecoats,” or something our mothers/grandmothers/great-grandmothers wore around the house, cleaning or cooking.  Nowadays I could get away with wearing it to Church and still look pretty formal, at least in our neck of the woods!

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