Have you visited Highbury lately?

I stayed up late last night catching up on installments of this new version of Emma.  Haus Meister sat through it with me (I’m sure this gives him brownie points with some readers) and then, thanks to a dear cousin, we discovered there was a link to the movie on YouTube.  Check there if, like me, you don’t want to wait until next Sunday for the final installment. 😉  ***Addendum: YouTube is showing the movie in full, while PBS is cutting out scenes here and there.

Now ideally I would have had time today to peruse the novel again, whilst sipping a cup of Earl Grey (hot) and eating bonbons (or buckeyes, at least!).  And in thirty years, I’ll do that.  Or as my mother could quip, I’d just wait until the next time she was over for a few weeks to help me out.  😉

Meanwhile, I am devising plans for an English country house or cottage (a large one) to be constructed on our dream acreage.  Among the amenities will be a 17ft walk-in pantry, a mud room (with a sink!), and a two level bedroom for the boys that will double as an indoor gymnasium.  I think that will help preserve my furniture–and my tolerance level–on these days when it is too  muddy to go outside.

8 thoughts on “Have you visited Highbury lately?

  1. Not since Mr. Darcy uttered the quip “No, No, the green one…” has a ‘Jane Austen’ movie caused so much fuss in the family. To be sure, the characters in this adaptation are more genuine and enjoyable to watch; I find myself readily identifying with the character of Mr. Woodhouse.


  2. Yes, and tonight I found myself identifying with Isabella Woodhouse. Rascal and Princess have symptoms of croup and in desperation I wanted to call out for Dr. Perry! 😉

  3. I’ve been watching this one, too. I can’t decide yet whether this adaptation is superior to the version with Kate Beckinsale (which I thought better than the Gwyneth Paltrow movie). I’d need to re-read the novel, then watch both of the film versions. Like you said, in thirty years maybe…. Hope Rascal and Princess will be feeling better soon!

  4. Elizabeth–that’s interesting. I preferred the Gwyneth Paltrow version to the Kate Beckinsale one myself. Although the latter developed the minor characters much better, I felt that Mr. Knightley and Emma just yelled at each other until the end, when suddenly they had to rush into “oh yes, by the way, I’ve loved you for years…” 😉

  5. Yay for Emma on BBC! I had to laugh at Uncle Mark’s comment… I think my father would say the same thing- if he only knew how many hours Jill and I talked on the phone about the movie this week!

  6. you forgot to mention that PBS is cutting small pieces out of the original BBC version — so YouTube actually makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience. So if you have the self-control to wait until tomorrow to watch the conclusion, you’ll most likely be disappointed, since PBS cut out a particularly nice scene in the last episode. : )

  7. Oh stupid PBS! Did they really cut parts out? I just watched the rest of it on TV and decided that this version is my new favorite! Now I’ll have to watch the BBC version.

  8. Yes–they did cut out scenes! I watched the version of Part 2 (Episode 3 on YouTube) directly after watching the PBS one and saw several little bits that were left out of Masterpiece Theater.

    This is my new favorite, too. I’ve switched allegiances on my faves of Sense & Sensibility, too. Excepting that completely unnecessary first minute-and-a-half, I think the new S & S was better than the one with Emma Thompson. Ok–and also excepting that I liked the old Mrs Jennings better (“Is she fond of olives?”).

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