“This is our Faith; this is the Faith of the Church.”

I rejoice to say that our Baby became the newest little Catholic in the parish this morning.  🙂  Haus Meister made a reconnaissance run this morning in the Beast and found the road to church passable, despite the hills, and so we all made it.  Alas, other relatives were snowed in or unable to attend being in other States (my mom stood in for the godparents), but the Baby is baptized and we are all happy.

Baby wore several heirlooms this morning; an angora wool cap that had been worn by her grandmother (my mom); the rabbit-fur lined booties from the 1950s; the christening gown made by her great-grandmother that had been worn by my mother as well as Baby’s great-aunts, myself, her other auntie, and her sister (and her cousin this March).

A tradition continues

Princess wore the cap displayed with the dress, while Baby wore the sweater.  The sweater is also pretty special; it was selected by her great-great grandmother and has a neat shell-like look to it.

I should add here that the boys have had heirlooms of their own.  Trooper was baptized at birth but was formally received into the Church six months later–on an incredibly hot summer day.  Rascal was also baptized in the summer, so it was fine for them to wear the same christening gown that their father and uncle had worn, that had been made by my mother-in-law.  Dinosaur, like Baby,   had a winter baptism and wore a white sweater outfit.  However, his cap was crocheted by my mother-in-law as well as his booties, which were trimmed with blueish ribbon left over from our wedding decor. 🙂

I love using things that have been handed on like this–how appropriate for the ceremony where we “hand on” our greatest treasure–our Faith–to our child!

4 thoughts on ““This is our Faith; this is the Faith of the Church.”

  1. Congrats to baby and all of you on this wonderful occasion! Our little one will be baptized next week–hopefully without lots of snow! 😉

  2. Congrats to all of you! A new little saint — at least until the age of reason. 😉 I’m sorry the snow prevented the whole happy family from being together!

  3. Welcome to our newest little Catholic! I love that little crocheted sweater. It’s is beautiful. The thread is so shimmery!

    Time for a name change for your blog. 😉

  4. Hello, congratulations! We too have been blessed with an heirloom baptismal gown. My husband’s siblings (5), all my nieces and nephews (28), and my children (2) have all been baptised in the same gown. I added a slip for our family that I made (not a sewer, but improvised) and embroidered the children and the baptism dates. Priceless…

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