I wanted to post something Wednesday for my “blogaversary”–my first year in the blogosphere having passed on that day, but we had electrical trouble starting that morning and lost part of the power in our house until this morning.  Luckily, we still had heat, hot water, and working lights in 85% of the house.  Unluckily, we didn’t have Internet, which made it difficult for my Mom to work from here in the few days remaining of her visit.  Luckily, we found a really reliable electrician.

Unluckily, the person who originally wired this house must have been related to the “Dad/My Old Man” character in “A Christmas Story.”  I’m thinking of the scene where he’s going to light the Christmas tree and looks at the outlet where he’s got about thirty things plugged into it, but plugs in the tree anyway… you know the scene? Right.  That’s the guy who wired our house.  On the plus side, everything works.  I just don’t envy the electrician who will eventually decipher the maze of wires when we update them.

The adventures continue with that winter storm.  The same system which crippled Oklahoma obligingly dumped about 4″ of snow in our neck of the woods (Rascal saw the snow falling and shouted: “It’s Christmas again, Mom!”).  Remember–around here they close school for one inch.  Haus Meister had a slow drive home from work, taking 45 minutes to make what in usual conditions is a 10-15 minute drive.  He said there were fender benders and stopped cars almost every 50 yards along the way.

Tomorrow is Baby’s Baptism day, too.  We’re a five-minute drive from Church (again, under the usual conditions).  Will we be able to plow through the snow?  Stay tuned….

***Breaking News (11:54pm) Amazing!!! Our city actually has a snowplow & salt truck!!!

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