New ambitions

I think it counts toward my New Year’s Resolution when I find new projects that will be completed with material already in my fabric stash.  After all, that counts as “finishing something” in a way, doesn’t it?  And– it declutters my fabric stash, which feels just as nice.

So what have I up my sleeve at the moment?  Matching Easter Dresses for my daughters!  Something that was only a wisp of a dream last year will now become reality.  Besides, I have many many fond memories of Easter dresses lovingly sewn for my sister and I by Grandma W., and I’m pleased to carry on the tradition.  In fact, since she saved most of those patterns, I’ll actually get to start recreating those dresses in a year or two. 🙂  But that’s later; now is now, and here is what’s on my sewing table:

I plan to make the lavender dress at lower right for Princess

I plan to make this for Baby with the pattern pieces to match Princess' dress

Of course, I’m laughing at myself because it seems I have yet again opted to do a collared dress–that was difficult for me last year, seeing as I am a rank beginner.  However, I am eager to use the blue fabric shown in this post, which has bided its time nearly a year now.  I think it will complement both girls, and look well under a little white sweater should the weather be chilly (i.e. if we spend Easter in Indiana).  Admittedly, putting Princess in anything white has its drawbacks as she is liable–no, guaranteed–to be involved in some sort of mess at any given time.  I can see the jelly bean stains now…

Another ambition is to make the counting bean bags  found here.  I think it would be a wonderful hands-on way for Trooper to work with numbers as well as a good sensory game for him.  Versatile, too, as they can become spare cornhole bags if necessary. 😉

Check back with me in April and we’ll see how I’ve done. 🙂

4 thoughts on “New ambitions

  1. Very cute idea’s! I hear you on the Jelly bean stains, I am seriously considering only buying dark patterned clothing for my children. (and myself for that matter!)

  2. Cute dresses! I just hope I manage to make some dining room curtains soon–I took the old broken blinds down about a year ago!

  3. Matching is so fun!! My mom and I had mother-daughter matching dresses at one point and I loved it. Now I’m having fun seeing my girls match and their cousins 🙂 I love reading your blog! I’m impressed you write as often as you do… I want to apologize since I haven’t responded to your emails- my account hasn’t been working :p But I’m really looking forward to seeing you this weekend and meeting the baby!!! maybe we’ll have a chance to chat. Congrats again and see you soon!

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