“It’s just the damp of the first spring rain…”

Movie quote alert!  I’ve had that one in my head for the past three days, ever since this deceptive weather system came upon us.  Outside it looked cold and gloomy, but when I actually went outdoors I found it was balmy and gloomy.  Not wood-fire or hot tea weather at all! Most of my winter activities seemed incongruous with the wind breezing about my face.  I had sudden urges to open seed catalogs and begin plotting out our 2010 garden (peppers and tomatoes.  We know we can grow those).

The kids felt the same way.  One afternoon we had to let them outdoors for some fresh air, despite the mud.  Rascal wondered where all the snow had gone, and when he would be able to make another snowball.  I had to laugh looking at our read-aloud books for school in January–all about snow, and here we were running around outdoors with the temperature in the mid-fifties.

Still, I am not complaining.  It was a mercy to have brought Baby home in slightly warmer weather (although it wasn’t 55 that day) rather than the “Arctic Blast” we had experienced the week before.  And there is the threat that February will dump ice and snow in our neck of the woods, just as the crocuses and hyacinths begin to show their color, so a hint of Spring is pretty welcome.  There is a quince bush in our backyard that never can quite tell which season it is in; it has been blossoming ever since Christmas.

Okay, so this is a random post for the evening, but there it is. 😉

One thought on ““It’s just the damp of the first spring rain…”

  1. You could be in Indiana where it is nearly 50 degrees today and tomorrow with thundershowers forecast for tonight then 30 with snow on Monday and down to 18 for a high on Tuesday. It’s still winter.

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