When resolutions fail

Remember two posts ago I mentioned that Dinosaur was in a “green and yellow haze” from which I anticipated him emerging sometime in the coming week?

I don’t think it is going to happen.

In fact, I think we’ve only encouraged it.

In the first flush of new parenthood, Haus Meister and I vowed that we would never “brand” our children.  We would allow them toys of certain characters and maybe the occasional book, but nothing to the extent that we are outfitting their wardrobe and rooms with something that will only be out of fashion in the next year or three, and then will sit rotting on a shelf at the Goodwill because everyone else is sick of that fad, too.  So while the boys love the movie Cars, they only have had plastic cups with the characters, the occasional car toy, but not the bedsheets or the lampshade.  Or the folding clothes bin or sweater stacker.

However, John Deere…. now there’s an enduring trend.  Something that might just grow with them.  I can see Dinosaur loving it ten years from now, although he probably won’t be watching the “All About John Deere” dvds.  He might be riding a John Deere lawnmower on our dream acreage.  He might still be wearing the green hat.

He might not be ashamed of learning to drive in a vehicle with the favorite logo in front.

But is this how it ends?  My great resolution never to become so “brand-loyal” with my kids? Because suddenly the boys’ room is becoming more Deere-ized.  There’s the “quilt” I made for Dinosaur last year, the 2010 John Deere calendar, some posters, a tractor-shaped coat rack, numerous tractor toys and books….

I guess the worst blow to my resolution is that the license plate up there… well… it was my idea.  My own.  And I installed it myself.

3 thoughts on “When resolutions fail

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