I’m back!

Dinosaur's Dino checks out the Vernors

I have to agree with my husband; Vernors makes the best ginger ale we’ve tried yet.  Lately, we must have had gallons of the stuff.  Last week it seemed that no sooner would one person recover from the stomach flu than another came down with it.  Sigh.  We even managed to pass it on to both grandmothers–and my mom hadn’t even been here for 36hrs yet!  I begin to doubt the efficacy of some of the household disinfectants.

Now we’re getting back to the new normal around here, tweaking the routine to accommodate Baby Bean.  She’s settled in pretty well, and I’m glad I can actually have a little caffeinated coffee again!  Of course Haus Meister and I simply dote over our new daughter, that’s understood.  Here’s the reaction from the rest of the kids:

Trooper: No problem at all, just don’t let her touch Unk (his favorite comfort object–a blue dinosaur, not to be confused with the one pictured above).

Rascal: Very much her self-appointed champion.  He’d carry her already if I’d allow it, which I won’t.  He retaliates by giving me orders concerning the baby (“oh, she’s crying, you’d better go get her”).

Dinosaur: No comment at this time.  He received All About John Deere Part 3 for his birthday, along with some tractor toys, so he’s in a green-and-yellow haze right now and might not surface from it for about a week.

Princess: Little mother extraordinaire.  She thinks I’ve brought home a live baby doll, and wants to shower her sister with kisses and hugs–sometimes a little too enthusiastically.

These moments have been so rich, s0 wonderful.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Well, except for the stomach flu.  We  could have done without that. 😉

2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Oh man, a new baby and the stomach flu! Ugh! I’m glad you’re all starting to recover. I’ve been praying for you when our baby gets me up at night. Here’s hoping for better health for you guys!

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