I’m my father’s daughter.

You know how you get to an age where you believe implicitly in everything your parents tell you?  Now, more than likely that’s not a problem because your parents are being completely truthful, but there comes that exaggeration–that color added to a story to enhance it for listener’s effect….  For instance, my dad told me at a young age that all bugs suck your blood.  Now I’m old enough to know better, but I grew up with such a loathing and utter fear of bugs that I still scream for my husband to kill the larger ones that will occasionally invade.

Now I’ve done it.  Rascal wanted to go outside yesterday but it was far too cold.  Another arctic chill followed up on our snow day and it never got above 25 around here.  So I teased him saying that if we went outside his nose would turn blue.  He is so convinced of this that if we spend any length of time getting in or out of the Beast, he asks if his nose is blue.  Of course, I find myself encouraging this as a running joke between us by asking him if my nose is blue when we come in from the grocery store or some such errand.  He looks at me critically and shakes his head.

Even if I were of a mind to, I’d better not try the blood-sucking bug gag on this kid.  That would just come back to haunt me. 😉

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