Our whole inch of snow….

Twice I have received phone calls from people dear to me, warning me not to go into labor today.  One of them was joking. 😉  You see, whenever there is a forecast for snow, people around here panic.  Now, I’m unsure why they panic ala Chicagoans, except maybe that here in the Deep South, we don’t have snowplows.  😉  I’m also pretty sure we don’t even have a salt truck, at least not in our little town.  I am sure, though, that someone would rig up some contraption involving their pickup truck and some random scrap metal and try to do the job.  I say this because one summer I saw the town maintenance guys actually try to smooth out new pavement using a pickup truck, and also because the scrap metal bandits are at it again.

*****Digression to a story here.  In July 2008 we redid our outdated main bathroom and had to toss out our 1940s era cast iron sink, mainly because the cabinet below it was really no good and Haus Meister was out of time to even think of constructing a custom fitted one.  Knowing that some people hereabouts are always on the lookout for vintage pieces, we left the sink by the street and hoped it would find a good home.  It was, after all, still usable–just with an ugly broken base cabinet.  Well, not long after I happened to glance out front while chatting on the phone and saw some guys with a pickup truck checking out the sink.  Hoping they would just take the thing off our hands, I continued my conversation and thought nothing more of it until later, when I noticed the sink was still out there although the truck had gone.  When I went to check my mail later, I was annoyed to see that the sink had been broken up and all the scrap metal removed.  So much for that!  I then called the city to have it removed completely on the next extra trash day.  Now today I happened to see a pickup truck out front and had to chuckle.  An old metal curtain rod had fallen from our trash can, and sure enough, it was a Scrap Metal Bandit out there collecting it!  He even casually glanced inside our trash can to see if there were any more! ***************end digression.

As a transplanted Yankee, I’m highly amused by the amount of hype surrounding an inch of snow in these parts.  The flurries began as I took Trooper to Speech Therapy this morning, and by the time our session was over (~40 minutes), the receptionist informed me that schools all across the local area were closing.  I could see the justification about that on the Mountain, for instance, where the weather is always worse than what we get where we are in the valley, but looking out the window and noting that hardly anything was accumulating on the Beast (my van), I couldn’t help but think how much fun I would have had as a kid if my school had closed for an inch of snow.  For that matter, we might not have had school for the better part of January-March!

Well, we had school today.  Homeschoolers don’t really have snow days.   They might, however, have a relaxed schedule which involves going outside and getting some hands-on experience with a wintry phenomenon they might not see in our backyard for the next three years. 😉   It was so neat to see my big boys out there in our inch of snow, making footprints in it and dusting off their favorite outdoor toys.  Rascal brought in a snowball and we put it in the freezer.  When they came in, they were offered warm bread or hot cocoa according to personal preference.  And the smiles on their faces just beamed: Life is Good.

3 thoughts on “Our whole inch of snow….

  1. Whats up with the metal bandit? He should at least take the sink home and break it up in his own yard! 🙂
    And I suppose I must sound the same as your southerners, as a recent transplant to canada I am still not used to it being below zero F all winter long!

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