The Epiphany

O Little Crowd in Bethlehem

I was going to post the pictures of the boys’ Advent calendars, but while browsing through 49 images I came across this one and thought I had to add it.  On Sunday we added the three Kings/Wise Men and their respective animals to the crowd in front of the manger scene.  It was only after I looked again at this picture that I see the elephant has already caused some carnage.  One or two sheep and a goat, I presume.  I wonder if Patriarch Shepherd Joseph will require remuneration from the owner of the elephant (Gaspar, I think)?  The Holstein bull made a reappearance, having left the stable for a while, no doubt exploring new pasture in the region known as Beneaththecouch.  After the taking of this picture, the bull disappeared again, but the cow is holding her own in territorial disputes of the manger–Dinosaur has been seen moderating fights between elephant and cow.  I’m not sure who wins.  A Shire stallion and a Johnny Popper (John Deere tractor) figure also made a quick appearance one day.  The stallion tried to take on the elephant, and Johnny Popper just tried to blend in.  Didn’t work.

The question is, who is going to miss the ever-changing manger scene more when we put it away this weekend: myself, or the kids?

And what had this to do with Epiphany?  Not much.  If you were looking for a glowing theological exhortation, keep looking.  Right now we’re just happy that Baby Jesus made it through the season without disappearing. 😉

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