Back to life as we know it

It has been a fun two weeks with Haus Meister home.  He was able to do so much around the house and with the autos that had been weighing on his mind, and we were able to enjoy his company 24/7.  🙂  My parents breezed in for the New Year and Epiphany, showering gifts on us with Magi-like generosity.  We visited with in-laws and attempted to clear out our stash of Christmas goodies (did I really make that many cookies?).  The one frustration (to me) is that Li’l Bean was quite content to stay put and practice her gymnastic routine during these two weeks of convenience instead of making significantly more progress toward Birth and the Outside World.

Haus Meister reminded me that “whenever she comes will be convenient.  We have lots of help and everything will be okay.”

I pouted, still just a little hormonal.  But he is, as usual, absolutely right.  I wanted to put some money down that she’ll arrive today, though, now that we’re planning on returning to schoolwork, and now that Haus Meister is sitting at his desk in his office going through two weeks’ of mail and dusting off robotic designs.  And of course, now that Princess has developed a cough.

However, this morning I feel pretty much at peace.  Sure, Princess woke my beloved and I up at 4:50am.  Sure, she didn’t get back to sleep until 6:48am.  But we were able to have a quiet cup of coffee (mine’s decaf) and say our morning prayers together.  The boys stayed asleep until recently, when I began to hear signs of life.  I encouraged them to stay in bed a few minutes more.  Surprisingly, they listened.  Usually they’ve been up and awake thirty minutes or longer by now.  However, an “arctic chill” has hit this region of the world, and our trusty heater has been working non-stop to keep us warm in a house not built for this sort of weather.  The temptation to spend the morning buried under the covers is quite strong indeed.

I’m just enjoying the unexpected gift of a quiet morning, and the peace that comes with returning to a routine.  I’m eagerly anticipating the coming semester and excited over some of the things the boys will be learning.  I’m pleased that I will be able to dovetail some math lessons between Trooper and the Rascal.

But for now, I need to put the kettle on for some tea and cut some felt pieces out for our snowman activity.  Otherwise, the couch is looking rather tempting while the kiddos remain in bed, and I don’t want to lose this opportunity to get some things done. 😉

One thought on “Back to life as we know it

  1. So glad to hear the dust has settled after our visit. It was so much fun to spend time with you and the kids. Many thanks to Haus Meister for his expertise and the wonderful tour of southeastern TN on Saturday. We cannot wait until the arrival of the elusive Miss Bean. See you soon, we are sure.

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