Something with absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.

Yesterday we had a friend over for the afternoon and enjoyed an episode of The Adventures of Robin Hood, circa 1955 with Richard Greene in the starring role.  While looking up trivia on it later, I came across the news (new to me) that there is going to be a new Robin Hood released next year.  So we looked up the new movie and some of the images related to it (thanks to and came to the conclusion that, based on what we see, it looks like Gladiator redux.

Then we got into a discussion about whether we would have cast Russell Crowe as Robin Hood.  You know, one of those meaningless dinnertime conversations. 😉  After giving several actors the axe, our friend settled on David Wenham–Faramir in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Thinking it over, I admit I’m a bit surprised.  How did the casters miss that guy?

See--he's even in Lincoln Green!

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