The Third Day of Christmas…

…three cross-stitched stockings!

I’ll add the pictures when I have better ones.  It turns out I don’t have a decent one of all three together.  I began this tradition in 2004, when we were celebrating Trooper’s first Christmas at home.  I spent hours laboriously stitching away at this intricate Santa pattern and it paid off well–beautiful stocking, and all that, but right now the memory still remains of finishing it in my mother-in-law’s sewing room at 7:30pm Christmas EVE.  With Rascal I was more prudent; less intricate pattern, finished within a month of Christmas.  With Dinosaur, well, the pattern was about as intricate as Rascal’s, but I finished it around New Years in 2007.

Princess’ stocking is still under construction.  Two years’ running now.  I thought to have it in time for her first Christmas last year, but ended up making one out of pink material left over from all the baby equipment I made her in a furious nesting craze shortly before she was born (blankets, burp rags, a Boppy slipcover, a sling…).  Guess what–she used that pink stocking again this Christmas.  However, I have hopes to finish her cross-stitch stocking in 2010.  After all, I’ll have to reserve that pink stocking for Li’l Bean.

In other family news, we are beginning to come out of vacation mode and try to do some constructive things before Haus Meister’s holiday is over.  Today we did some grocery shopping, coming at last to the realization that man cannot live on Christmas treats alone.  While at our neo-hippie-health-food store, I am almost positive I saw one of our state Senators eating in the restaurant section.  I wish I knew for certain if it was him, and if so, that I would have had the gumption to go over and thank the man for voting “my way” on a good many things.

Health-wise, most of us are okay.  Princess is nearly over her cold, Trooper never caught it, Li’l Bean is staying put and seems content to do so, but Rascal and the Dinosaur now both have croup.  It hit over the weekend.  Talk about deja vu–I had them in the pediatrician’s office this afternoon and the doctor and I both laughed that we had been in around this time last year, same kids, same problem.  What can I say?  Croup for Christmas.  It happens.

2 thoughts on “The Third Day of Christmas…

  1. Sorry to hear about the croup! I’ll pray for a quick recovery for the poor guys. We’re still waiting for baby. We’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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