On the eve of Christmas eve…

This morning I happened to glance over at the stable and noticed that there was quite a line-up of animals:

Now why the bland beige statuette of the Sacred Heart is there is beyond me.  I’m sure there is a story behind it.  I assume that the Rascal figured Jesus belonged in the stable and that as I have hidden the Baby Jesus, the adult Jesus has to suffice. 🙂  The palm tree on top of the well is also an interesting touch.

We’ve had a pretty fun day together today.  Haus Meister is still enjoying a holiday from work so we finished up some last minute errands (picking up groceries and Scotch tape, not presents) and then we brought new flowers to Baby Jacob’s gravesite to wish him a Merry Christmas.  I previously arranged for a memorial poinsettia in his honor to be amongst the Church decorations throughout the Christmas season, thanks to a local Boy Scout troop who offers this service as part of their fundraising.  Still, we wanted to make the drive out there.  It gave Princess a chance to nap as well, and the boys were quite excited to see seven logging trucks.  The Beast (as we affectionately call the van) gives them a much better view of the road, so now they hardly miss a thing.

Back at the Haus, the boys have kept up with their Advent sticker calendars.  It’s getting pretty crowded in those stables.  In fact, Rascal had no room for the Holy Family today when it came time for St. Joseph to arrive.  I had foreseen this coming probably around the 10th or so, but I try not to say anything so it will be the kids’ own work.  Still, Rascal needs to strategically plan his layout next year.   I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear him call for me, saying: “There’s no room for Jophis!”  Rather appropriate, I guess.  I just don’t remember there being a lack of room for Joseph and Mary in the stable. 😉

When he suggested branching out and putting stickers on the wall, it was time to intervene.  I helped him move a cow, angel, and sheep out of the way and then he put the St. Joseph sticker smack in the center of the display.  This is going to look interesting when it’s done.  I promise to take pictures of all the calendars next week.

Now it’s time to wrap some presents for little folk, who will be on the lookout tomorrow for such activity.  It will also keep me out of those chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls, a major recipe success this year!

To close, here’s a picture of the Nativity scene as I arranged it after the kids went to bed.  It’s rather traditional and not as fun as their arrangements, but then the fun is seeing what this looks like twelve hours from now. 😉

One thought on “On the eve of Christmas eve…

  1. Merry Christmas to your family! It’s been fun to watch the journey through Advent with you. I will miss not having the youngest grandchildren here to rearrange my Bethlehem village and lining up the animals in front of the stable. 😦

    We hope your newest addition waits for her arrival post-Christmas and all of those “false” labor pains will only work to helping you have a quick delivery. Grandma Ford always told me “remember, the baby is a lot easier taking care of right were she is”….something I always remembered as being true once I had the baby! We will be praying for a wonderful Christmas for you and a safe delivery afterwards!

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