On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

….A Ford Econoline E-three-fifty!

And he even put on the antlers and nose that I’ve insisted on decorating “my” vehicle with for the past three years (to his chagrin).  Is that devotion or what?

(Seriously, I’m more touched that we now have a van that we’re not going to outgrow in the next few years–much less weeks!)

We took it for a family drive today.  I haven’t driven anything this large since college but I am enjoying it.  Haus Meister is relieved that six months of research and haggling has paid off.   Trooper enjoyed the vista afforded by the amount of windows, and Rascal kept pontificating on the enormity of our cavernous vehicle.  Dinosaur and Princess took naps.  Poor little dears; our three youngest now have colds.

Rascal was less than sentimental about the departure of our now traded-in Odyssey.  He went inside the dealership with his Daddy, inspected the pamphlets of Mustangs (especially pictures of ones with stripes, as any striped car wins its way into Rascal’s heart), received a balloon for his cuteness and shook hands with some of the managers.  No doubt they see him as a potential Mustang buyer when he graduates college.

2 thoughts on “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

  1. Wow!! that is awesome. I always loved driving the college vans – you sit up so high and feel like you own the road. They were so fun to drive.

    I had to laugh when you mentioned Rascal and Mustangs – George LOVES Mustangs and points them out whenever we see one when we’re out and about. He and Rascal are so similiar.

  2. Haha–we do feel like we “own the road”! 😉 We’ve nicknamed the van “The Beast,” although the only time it intimidates ME is when I have to back out of our driveway. Navigating the college parking lot in those massive vans was easier. 😉

    That is great about George and Mustangs. 🙂

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