O Tannenbaum

What changed our minds about waiting until the 19th to get our tree?  Hmm…probably the fact that we were just as impatient as our children for a tree, the fact that today is Gaudete Sunday, and Haus Meister had a free weekend from work.   🙂

Before learning that Haus Meister didn’t have to go in to work after all, Rascal and I had this exchange in the kitchen while I put away the groceries:

RASCAL: Are we going to get a Christmas tree today?

ME: Nooo, I don’t think so.  I don’t know if we’re ready for a tree yet (mainly because we had to move a small bookcase to make room in a corner of our living room for the tree).

RASCAL: You may not be ready for it yet, but I am!

How true.   And so it came to pass that Saturday afternoon found us in search of the Tree.  We tried a pick-your-own-tree-farm first, but the selection wasn’t very appealing.  By this time, however, returning home treeless was not an option so we then scouted our favorite produce stand/year-round market.

Rascal, Haus Meister, and Trooper in search of the Tree. See the guy in earwarmers ahead of them? He beat us to our first choice by about 15 seconds. 😉

The menfolk did find a tree eventually, and the good people running the market promptly prepped the tree for travel, left us the trimmed branches by request so we could put pine boughs around our picture window, and tied the tree to the top of our van.  One of the owners noticed we had all the kids with us so she treated them to bananas “on the house.”  Princess was most appreciative but that quickly changed to indignation whenI told her she had to wait on it until we got home. 😉

Haus Meister put the tree up almost as soon as we returned.  We put lights on it last night and the star, but saved the rest for this morning.  I also decided to do something brave (or stupid, depending on the outcome ;)) and put my Christmas village beneath the tree.  So far tree and village have survived over 12 hours. 😉

5 thoughts on “O Tannenbaum

  1. It looks lovely! So glad that Haus Meister had the time off of work. I’ve always liked doing the tree on Gaudete Sunday–it makes a lot of sense. Oh and holy cow is Trooper ever getting tall!!!

  2. I think your tree looks very nice and the men folk looked nice hunting for the right tree. How does your pine boughs look?

  3. Dad: Well, you always knew I was your “liberal” daughter. 😉

    Mom: The pine boughs look great…in my imagination. The resident landscape artist is working on them. All should be ready by Christmas.

  4. Oh yes, Trooper is definitely tall. Sometimes I wonder if he’ll be looking down at me before he’s 13. 😉 However, he did have a haircut last night, so that should take an inch off his height. 😉

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