Now why did this surprise me?

This year we tried to make gingerbread ornaments for the tree ala Tasha Tudor. Now, I’m certainly not the perfect icer of anything–cookies or cakes.  However, I was pretty proud of the ornament I made for Dinosaur.  It was a gingerbread stegosaurus that I iced Dino’s name on, then outlined the stegosaurus’ spines and gave it a cute little eye.  This morning the Rascal demanded that we hang the cookies on the tree, having given them sufficient time to dry.  I hung the stegosaurus rather high, I thought.  I contemplated taking a picture of it, I was that proud.

Well, was it because he could read his name?  Was it because it was a dinosaur?  By the afternoon, our Dinosaur could resist no longer, and in shock I observed that he had been able to reach the stegosaurus by the simple expedient of standing on the arm of the adjacent sofa.  Further, the stego was now missing a tail.

Rascal was slightly exasperated by this breach of Christmas tree etiquette, and decided to remedy the situation by re-hanging the stego for me.  He also stood on the arm of the couch.  Thank goodness we don’t have designer furniture. 😉  Rascal was quite proud of the fact that he had hung the cookie ornament “higher” than it had been.  I hated to point out to him that he’s not much taller than the Dinosaur, and that Dinosaur could just get it again if need be.  So I didn’t.  Instead I moved it after the boys were in bed.

One thought on “Now why did this surprise me?

  1. I think you should have a web cam pointed toward the tree, it would be far more entertaining than the 5 minutes I just wasted watching the Christmas Goat

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