Savoring the moments…

Every day Rascal wakes up and asks me whether it’s Christmas today or tomorrow?  Every day I tick off the number of days on our calendar until that momentous day.  I remember being in elementary school and working on Christmas crafts and enjoying a candy cane for as long as it would last, all the while thinking December 25th was so long in coming, and how happy I was to write “December 10” on top of my worksheets because 10 is a double-digit, and clearly that meant that the 25th was getting closer!

Now that I’m a “grown-up” (still debatable), I’m trying to hold on to the moments as they fly by.  I pause in the hallway and enjoy seeing the glitter-covered little Christmas trees that the boys and I made yesterday after school.  I enjoy the St. Nicholas trees in the kids’ rooms.  I enjoy the valances I made up of some beautiful napkins one of my dearest friends gave me–too beautiful to have on the table this year (nothing is safe from the Princess).

I’m enjoying my mix of Christmas music; the silly antlers on my van (Rascal shouted: “Our car’s a reindeer!”); the Nutcrackers on top of my china cabinet; trying to stash Christmas secrets in places the kids won’t look–it cracks me up every time I open Haus Meister’s sock drawer while putting the laundry away, and seeing Princess’ Christmas doll sleeping therein.

I’m enjoying mixing up delicious batches of goodies with my eager little helpers.

"Take a picture of the cookies, Mom, please! And make sure my police car is in it!"

I’m enjoying the fact that the Catholic Church begins celebrating Christmas on December 25th and keeps on celebrating until Epiphany. More time to savor these things!

I’m enjoying the boys’ Advent sticker calendars and the constant changes occurring in our Nativity scene.  Although, I do admit to being slightly worried about what will happen to the Holy Family when they arrive.  For the first time I almost regret that Baby Jesus is able to be removed from the manger.  I begin to think he’s safer in his hiding place (the topmost chamber of our Advent tree).

Compliments of Dinosaur

I’m really not sure which boy lined up the trio in the front.  For those of you familiar with the Fontanini line of figures, yes, that is Joseph in the middle of the trio.  However, I replaced him with the newer Joseph some years ago because I thought the newer Joseph looked younger.  So now “Old Joseph” is patriarch of the shepherd clan seen here, which also includes the pregnant woman figure and the musician.  The pile of animals in the stable corner I attribute to Dinosaur.  I think all 10 sheep are there, as well as the cow.  The donkey comes later, with the Holy Family.

So anyway, these are the things I’m savoring.  Sometimes I want to cave in and get the tree this weekend rather than our target date of Dec. 19th,  but the anticipation is also fun, or so I’m trying to explain to the children.  Rascal wanted the tree before Thanksgiving. 😉

The days move too slow for the boys, but still too fast for me.  So enough blogging for now, and back to the Christmas cards….

5 thoughts on “Savoring the moments…

  1. God bless the Fontanini family for making a Nativity set that kids can play with. All of our people get piled into the stable, too, in one big mob. George gets upset when I try to spread them out. “They can’t see! They need to be inside!”
    I have the pregnant lady, too. I think she’s my favorite. 🙂

  2. Every now and again I think about getting the Fisher-Price Little People Nativity, but then the kids would still play with the Fontanini one. 😉 And besides, I imagine it is still easier to replace pieces with Fontanini. I don’t remember seeing individual Little People pieces for sale. 😉

    Do you have any 3-legged sheep in your Nativity scene? Thanks to Hobbit Dog (and the kids for leaving them on the floor), we have a small selection of maimed sheep. Luckily no shepherd has lost a head or arm yet.

  3. I have to admit that my Christmas spirit is seriously flagging this year. Our tree is up–and it is artificial. We went the easy route so we could make sure there would be a tree at all. I was 2cm dilated two weeks ago, and baby could be here any time. The kids’ gifts are purchased and wrapped already. I dropped out of the choir because my lungs are currently too compressed to sing anything. I never realized just how much singing with the choir helped me prepare for Christmas (mentally and spiritually, I mean). The kids have also been sick for two weeks, and now Ben and I are sick too. I am feeling more and more Scrooge-like. My carpal tunnel syndrome is so bad that I can’t bake cookies with the kids. Sorry to be such a downer. Please pray for me–I really don’t know what I’ll do if the baby decides to come in the next few days.

  4. If the baby comes in the next few days, I’ll send an extra batch of bourbon balls. You’ll be able to enjoy it then. 😉

    And would that be Scrooge or George Bailey in the pre-angel sequence (“Why do we have all these kids, why do we live in this drafty old house… ;)”)

    You’re all in our prayers, dear, don’t worry. Last year we were all sick so I know how that much feels.

  5. Thanks for the smiles about the Nativity Scene! I remember the days that my little boys would take it very seriously as to who arrives in the Manger on which day. Now that they are in college, it is my job to decorate the tree and set up the Nativity scene which I managed to complete at my own pace. Yesterday, Kevin came home for Christmas Break and immediately went to the manger and removed Baby Jesus, exclaiming that Baby Jesus isn’t born yet! And now he even hid him from me! (I’m waiting for Mary and Joseph to go AWOL soon too.) I guess I took it for granted that at 19 and 22 years old, they wouldn’t mind if the Nativity Scene was complete a few days early. Silly me!

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