“Pine Tree. Coming in to Pine Tree.”

OK, I really hope I have that quote right.  I haven’t seen that seasonal flick yet this … season, so I tried to go by memory.  My sister the Quote Queen will tell me if I erred. 😉

Anyway, speaking of pine, this product has me enthralled:

I only have the dish soap and one bottle of hand soap that I found at Target, but I will certainly be looking for another hand soap soon.  It’s a scent that Haus Meister can tolerate and that I simply love having around during this festive time. I’m almost in danger of over-washing my hands, it smells so nice. 😉  On the bottle is a stick-figure drawing of a woman wearing a Santa hat, and Rascal said it looked like me.  🙂  Yep, I definitely “do” festive. 😉

While on the subject of hygiene, Rascal was introduced to the method of using moisturizer on dry skin the other evening.  It was quite amusing, especially since my parents were also in the room to witness.  We had all been praying our evening prayers together, and were on the fourth decade of the Rosary when Rascal suddenly sat up in bed, stroking a patch of dry skin on his cheek.  The thing is, he didn’t realize it was just dry skin.  To him, it felt rough and scratchy, so he solemnly interrupts the Rosary with the announcement:

“Dad, I have a beard.”

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