Decorating with candles? Do paper candles count?

I’ve been receiving daily e-mails from Better Homes and Gardens since I signed on to their “100 Days of Holidays” e-mails, stretching from September through January 1.  Today I got an e-mail about festive candle displays, and decided that this one, although pretty, will never be able to be displayed at the Haus:

That is,when the Haus is of a size to actually have a staircase.  There really wouldn’t be a “someday” about this one for me, because when the kids are grown I hope to have grandchildren, and then I’d have to move all these candles to accommodate them.  So no go on this one.  When I get another few moments to sit down I’ll look through the rest of the slideshow, but this year all my candles are well out of reach, and usually lit after all the children are in bed. 😉

I suppose part of my more cynical attitude toward festive candle displays stems from the disillusionment I suffered not four days into Advent when I had to entirely rethink our Advent wreath.  After patting myself so soundly on the back over the construction paper candles, my dear little Princess of a daughter climbed onto the kitchen table and proceeded to systematically destroy them.

Well!  Time to improvise.  Rascal had an Advent project scheduled for his religion class one day last week and he made us a little paper Advent wreath (I did the cutting this time).  He arranged the centerpiece of Mary and Jesus and placed candles and flames.  I think I like this better anyway. 😉  The craft is found here.

Rascal's wreath, attached to our wall rather than our table. It's safer there.

One thought on “Decorating with candles? Do paper candles count?

  1. I don’t think I’d trust anyone around that candle display. I was going to say that I could only decorate like that if I lived all alone, but I don’t think I’d trust myself enough.

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