A Visit from St. Nicholas

Every December 5 since I was a little girl, we have honored the tradition of leaving shoes outside our bedroom door for a visit from St. Nicholas, who has been known to come by and leave goodies for us.  On only one December 5th in recent memory I omitted to leave my shoes out, as Haus Meister and I were in labor/delivery that night waiting for the best gift we’ll ever receive on St. Nicholas Day–our son the Trooper.

Suffice to say, December 6 is a triumphant day at the Haus.  We know St. Nicholas has been here because suddenly there is a tree where there was none the night before!

St. Nicholas tree in the boys' room. "Present" compliments of the Rascal, King of Recycled Presents. That's a board book in a photo box 'wrapped' with dishtowels.

Also, a special red sack containing the letter to Santa/St. Nicholas that we put out with our shoes has disappeared!  We hope for its reappearance on Christmas morning, containing goodies and, if last year is any indication, a letter from St. Nicholas!

After we enjoy the treats placed ’round our shoes (always including an apple, orange, and chocolate coins), we go on with the day’s events.  This year we had Mass to prepare for, and beforehand I made the Cake.

It’s tricky making a birthday delicacy for a little fellow whose idea of “sweet” is strawberry-banana yogurt.  His brother the Rascal balked at the idea of not having a cake, so we have lately taken to the idea of somehow including a gift with the cake!  One year, inspired by an internet article, I loaded the foil-lined bed of a toy dump truck with brownies (aka “dirt”), and wheeled it into the room.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to top that one.  This year Trooper’s brothers gave him a wooden Thomas engine that had a snowplow on its front, so we made a snowscape sort of cake.

Not very artistic, but Trooper liked it. 🙂

In retrospect, I should have piled some “snow” on either side of the tracks, but I had run out of frosting.

Every child’s birthday is an amazingly special day in this house, but with Trooper it has a different tone.  It’s almost like the commemoration of a battle won.  After all, none of the other children nearly died at birth.  His birthday was the day he began his fight, the day he began proving wrong  the dire predictions of some of the NICU staff.  By the end of his sojourn 119 days later he had the staff cheering him on, as well as an incredible amount of prayer warriors in parishes and monasteries that I hadn’t heard of before the event.

I’ve been trying for over 24 hours to think of something to say about our feelings yesterday.  It’s real hard.  I believe an overwhelming sense of gratitude best sums it up.  I can’t find the words to fully express how much of a true blessing he has been–and is–to our entire family.  But there it is.  Trooper lives, and the rest of us are all the better for it.

6 thoughts on “A Visit from St. Nicholas

  1. A very happy birthday to Trooper! I distinctly remember his birthday–I remember getting a call from your Haus Meister and praying that Trooper would stay in there for a little while longer. And then later, after he was born, praying fervently that he would live. Words can’t express how glad I am that he did!

    You’ve had quite a lot of suffering in your years of motherhood, and I have to say how much I admire your sense of gratitude, and the very great love you have for your kids. God bless you and the Haus Meister–and Trooper of course!

  2. Awwww…you’re too good to me. Now stop nearly making me cry–you should know better than I right now what state the hormones are in. 😉

  3. Didn’t Gandalf say something about not all tears being evil? 🙂

    I hear you about the hormones. I’m ready to start bawling at the drop of a hat (especially if I’m the one who has to get down and pick it up–waaaaahhhh!).

  4. I always look forward to Dec. 6, when six years ago, on the feast day, St. Nicholas ushered into the world a shiny new pure soul; what a blessing from God.

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