Things that make me happy tonight.

  • Generous friends who came over to watch the children so I could get the grocery shopping done (Haus Meister had to work late) and then….
  • Stayed longer so that Haus Meister and I could have a date!
  • Our date was to Starbucks.  Mmmm….decaf peppermint mocha.
  • The Starbucks was in the Target store where, for all intents and purposes, we finished our Christmas shopping for the children as well as the needy kids we chose from the Angel Tree at church.
  • Hey, we’ll take our dates as we can get them these days! 😉
  • I’ve started my Christmas cards!
  • Haus Meister fixed the main bathroom’s commode that has been acting up for a while.  Apparently one of the boys tried to see if a wooden boat-shaped napkin ring could set sail.
  • The snow on the blog.  It would probably show up better on a darker background, but I’ll take my snow as it comes these days.  It may just be the only “snow” I see this season. 😉

One thought on “Things that make me happy tonight.

  1. Haha! I thought my eyes were failing me, cuz I could swear that the lines were blurring every once in a while….hahaha, I get the falling snow now. That’s the only snow I’ll be getting this Christmas!

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