We had heard the forecast–up to an inch of snow, which in these parts merits a “Special Weather Statement” from the National Weather Service.  When I finally went to bed last night, I thought snow would be a nice thing but I wasn’t convinced it would actually snow.  Then, this morning Haus Meister came in from taking Hobbit Dog out and announced that it had snowed and was snowing still!

Of course, it’s a wet, flurry style snow that won’t last the day.  It might even be gone by lunch.  But for a few brief hours we are able to see our neighborhood under a festive white blanket (except the roads, which are clear), and as I snapped some pictures with my newly rediscovered camera (it was in the van’s glovebox all along) I was able to hear that wintry snow silence that pervades an area whenever there’s snow.  I hadn’t realized before how much I missed that.

Haus Meister is about to take the boys out to enjoy what little snow is on the ground.  Rascal is disappointed that there isn’t enough to build a snowman, but there it is.  It’s a good lesson to be thankful for what we have. 😉

4 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. It’s snowing here too, which is admittedly a little less surprising than your snow. Hope the boys enjoy their snow while it lasts!

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow to your oldest little man! His is the only birthday I can actually remember, his and your dad’s!

  3. Yes, those two were easy on us date-wise. 😉 In fact, I’ve had to give Trooper’s birthdate so many times for various things that I found myself writing out my parish collection check yesterday 12/6/03! 😉 Thanks for your kind birthday wishes, I’ll pass them on.

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