Advent Calendars

About five years ago my father-in-law made this magnificent Advent calendar for our family.  For three years I used it to house some Jesse Tree symbols I cross-stitched and made into little ornaments as shown above.  However, I spent so much of last Advent hunting those little things down as the boys will not leave the doors alone.  So this year, I typed up a short assignment for each day that ties into the season, and placed the little slips of paper inside the tree.  They read, for example: “December 8 is a Holy Day, let’s go to Mass” and about four days of “Let’s make Christmas cookies!”

Back to the Advent calendars.  In addition to the Advent Tree, we also have two standard “open the door” style Advent calendars.  Those are really just for my enjoyment, as the boys each have their own stable scene to which they will add 25 figures from the Nativity scene (a lot of sheep).  I love watching the different Nativity scenes unfold.  One year Trooper decided the Star of Bethlehem was supposed to be a falling star.  Last year Rascal piled up several animals in one corner of the stable.  This is Dinosaur’s first year with his own calendar.  He was more interested in telling me what sounds the cow made than he was putting the cow sticker in his stable. 😉

Trooper's 2008 Advent Calendar, picture taken after Christmas. And yes, I save every one of these. 😉

The hard part is keeping the kids from putting on more than one sticker a day.  Rascal and Trooper both began their tableau with a lamb today.  Rascal was ready to move on but I reminded him that we only do one a day until Christmas.

“But Mom, the sheep misses his mommy and daddy!  He’ll be crying!”

I stood firm, but I really dislike him using that tactic on me.  It makes me feel sorry for inanimate objects.

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