The Pud, and a little something about Egg Nog

Today I made the Christmas Pudding, or “The Pud” (rhymes with ‘hood’), as we affectionately call it around here.  I began this ambitious endeavor last year, and as it was a success, I thought I’d try again.  Now normally, if you’re British, you would have made your Pudding on “stir-up” Sunday, or the last Sunday before Advent.  Or so, at least, I found on this site, where I also found the pudding recipe.  I had to tweak it a little, as I couldn’t find suet again this year, but I did manage the sultanas and currants.  Candied orange peel is the absolute best, by the way.  I make cupfuls of it to use in my Christmas baking throughout the month.  Anyway, Catholic Cuisine, as found in my blogroll sidebar, also has a recipe for pudding.  Apparently in Catholic circles the “stir-up” Sunday would have been yesterday, and I would have made The Pud yesterday, only we were out of brandy and had no means of obtaining any until the stores opened today. 😉

A pudding wrapped and waiting for Christmas. And no, it's not mine. It looks too nice. 😉

So my Pud is steaming away on the stovetop and Haus Meister and I are enjoying the first glass of Egg Nog this season.

That brings me to a favorite story from our first year of marriage.  Sometime early in December I had been grocery shopping and picked up a carton of Egg Nog.  I didn’t think anything of it; after all, my family enjoyed Egg Nog all the way through December and I just assumed everyone else did, too.  That evening Haus Meister was looking in the fridge for a snack and noticed the carton.

“You bought Egg Nog?!” he asks incredulously.

His wife of six months suddenly becomes anxious.  “Yes, is that all right?”

He pauses, then grins. “Of course it’s all right!”  And pours himself a glass.

It came out later that in his family, Egg Nog was a delicacy first served on Christmas Eve amongst a lovely tradition of reading stories out loud and lighting the candles on German Christmas pyramids.  However, he had always wanted to have Egg Nog a bit earlier than December 24th, and so did not bring that part of his family traditions into our little house. 😉  We did keep the story reading and the Christmas pyramid, however. 🙂

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