The Advent Wreath

If you’re wondering why all four candles are “lit” on our wreath, it’s because this picture was taken last year.   I think I left my camera in Indiana, so I don’t have a picture to upload of this year’s identical Advent wreath.  It is a masterpiece of ingenuity, isn’t it? 😉  Last year I decided to save ourselves the grief of having our precious wax Advent candles accidentally destroyed at the hands of curious toddlers and so created construction paper “candles” with construction paper “flames.”  These I placed on a regular Advent wreath (made of pinecones and ribbon and fake berries), and amazingly they lasted the season (although I had to keep making more flames as they disappeared often–usually after a curious toddler investigated).

This year I brought out the paper candles and wreath again.  We haven’t done a blessing of the Advent wreath because 1) it’s not exactly going to be “lit” and 2) I feel awkward blessing the paper candles that may or may not make it through the next day.  Some year we’ll manage to do the richness of the Advent wreath blessing tradition….when I find the wreath I dream of and may use actual candles again…but for now we’ll keep on doing things this way.  The important thing is that the children realize we’re in that joyful expectant season again, and I think they’ve grasped it pretty well. 😉  Rascal was beside himself today when he walked into Church and saw first the Angel Tree (where he picked out a paper angel indicating a needy child who would like a Christmas present), and then the Advent wreath in front of the altar.  On the other hand, he told me that the Advent wreath was “Christmas lights” so tomorrow in religion I think we’ll be discussing the wreath in greater detail.

Of course, this is the boy who told us yesterday that a Cracker Barrel restaurant was a “Christmas Potty” because he had to maneuver his way around Christmas trees and displays to get to the bathroom.

I’m on cloud 9, myself.  The choir at Mass today chanted two verses of Veni Veni Emmanuel and did it splendidly.  What a great start to Advent!

Before I forget again, thanks for all your prayers.  We’re over the colds!

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