The Beatrix Potter Phase

Last Easter my mother acquired this charming set of DvDs for her “entertain the grandchildren” stash of goodies.  Well, suffice to say the grandchildren are entertained.  They are so entertained by seeing their favorite tales come to life that even Thomas the Tank Engine takes a back seat.

The funniest, though, is that Dinosaur seems to live out the tales in his little head.  He has an amazing ability to memorize lines from these shows/stories and for using them at the  most unguarded moments (nothing like a little Tom Kitten quote in the middle of Mass to embarrass Mom & Dad).

We have been awakened in the mornings by calls for “More silk! more silk! Yellow taffeta for the lining!” (The Tailor of Gloucester).  Coming in from the outdoors sometimes involves: “My coat! My shoes! Oh golly!” (The Tale of Peter Rabbit).  One bedtime the phrase was amended to fit the current state of his wardrobe: “My hewicopter jammies! My shoes!”

Sometimes I have to remind him that there is a time and a place to act out scenes from the different Tales.  For instance, the other night Grandpa was gently explaining to Rascal Why We Apologize to Our Brothers for Hitting/Pushing/Pinching Them (etc).  As I dried the dishes, I caught a glimpse of Dinosaur advancing on Grandpa from behind (Grandpa was sitting on the floor, right at his level), getting ready to pop a laundry basket on top of both of their heads.  Grandpa was about to participate in a Benjamin Bunny tableau, but I doubted he would have recognized that at the time so I diverted our little actor.

Benjamin Bunny & Peter Rabbit are under the basket, hiding from the cat

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