Sorry for the hiatus!

Hello again!  Last week was pretty crazy around here as Haus Meister had to spend a week away from home attending meetings in various parts of the U.S. and Toronto.  By the time the day ended for me, I had enough energy to chat with him over Skype but not to run a constant blog update.

Now we’re back and facing another week away coming up soon, this time to celebrate Thanksgiving up North with my folks.  I am looking forward to this for several reasons, among which being that it’s my last jaunt northward before Baby comes, so I’d like to make the most of it; we’re throwing a baby shower for my sister who is expecting her first daughter in February; and if we leave for home on the first Sunday of Advent, I get to listen to eight hours of Christmas music (semi-legitimately 😉 ).

However, as much fun as it’s going to be to see many extended family members and enjoy good ol’ traditional Thanksgiving fare (especially since I passed my glucose screening–bring on the pumpkin pie!)… I can’t help but suddenly feel like I am running out of time.   Perhaps this is third-trimester jitters, but I just want to have everything in place and running smoothly through December.  Considering we have three birthdays in the first week of Dec., Trooper’s being one of them, and then Christmas around the corner, I begin to feel like maybe I should have finalized my plans for the month a lot sooner.  Perhaps in April.

The motto for Haus Meister’s family is apparently Duc in Altum, but I think it ought to be Quantum exertus, melior–which according to my handy internet translator means “The More Projects, the Better.”  Apparently the men in the family thrive on having multiple projects going at once, especially when said project involves a new tool or at least one trip to the hardware store (or in my brother-in-law’s case, it’s academic projects like studying law while finishing his master’s thesis 😉 ).   Haus Meister has about four indoor projects to finish by the end of the year and one outdoor project.  I could tease him about it, but the fact is that when it comes to sewing projects… I am just as bad.

So, a new motto for the household: Perago primoris exertus exorsus or essentially “finish first the projects begun.”  😉  It is 38 days until Christmas, and I am going to finish the Christmas presents I’ve planned to sew for the Princess.  Now I grant you, these projects have only earned the “begun” status insofar as I have purchased the material for them.  However, having my bedroom repainted and the other two pink nightgowns I’d planned for her can just wait.  There will eventually be time.

I refuse to spend my December stressing.  I did that last year.  It wasn’t fun.

3 thoughts on “Sorry for the hiatus!

  1. Give my heartfelt congrats to your sister! I hope you have a great trip up north. I know what you mean about the jitters. I’ve been feeling the same–but with a bit of added stress, considering my due date! If I can just get a bit more Christmas shopping done, a little more de-junking done, and plan some of Rose’s schoolwork for the next couple of months, I’ll start to feel more relaxed. We’re trying to finish up a couple of outdoor projects before it’s too late (new gutters, and new crawlspace doors).

    Good luck to you!

  2. After I wrote this, I thought of you and decided I really oughtn’t complain. 😉 Although you know, Rascal insists that Baby will arrive at Christmas. I rather hope not. It’s bad enough that we chose the same name for our babies–but the same birthdate?! ;)- Just teasing.

  3. You may certainly complain as much as you like to me 😉
    After all, if I am a couple of weeks late, and you go a week or two early, our roles would nearly be reversed! Wouldn’t the same birthday for our kids be freaky? Can you say doppelganger?

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