Small Successes–second in November

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1) For the first time this week, the top of my laundry folding table is empty.  Ahhhh.

2) With the help of my sisters-in-law this past weekend, I was able to get some boxes and bags of summer clothes moved into their proper places in the attic.  It is so nice to have those things out of the closets.

3) Also with help of said sisters-in-law, I was able to rearrange the furniture in two rooms to make way for a new old couch and recliner that we “inherited” from Haus Meister’s late grandparents’ estate.  I hadn’t been expecting the chair, so it was an accomplishment to have a space all ready for it when Haus Meister and his father arrived with the big truck (the furniture was being stored in a city about two hours distant).  The couch is in the family room, but the recliner is in our room, and amazingly it provided the “cozy nook” look that had been eluding me.  I can hardly wait to repaint that room–’twill be the finishing touch!  Also, making room for the chair enabled me to finally part with some superfluous furniture items that otherwise I might not have parted with for some time.

I do not consider it any less successful that I accomplished the last two with help.  In fact, knowing me, it’s probably a success in itself that I waited to do this until I had help!  I’m sure my parents upon reading this will be delighted to know that their 31-wk-pregnant daughter wasn’t moving furniture by herself or lifting all the boxes into the attic. 😉

3 thoughts on “Small Successes–second in November

  1. Nice job, mama! I also want a new look in our master bedroom. Currently, the style is pretty much “storage space with bed sqeeezed in.”

    I did manage to get all the nursery furniture actually in the baby’s room this past week! Now I just have to finish clearing out the junk. I am SO organizationally challenged. 🙂

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