Doggone it

The men of the house were right.  I had tried to be a voice of reason the Day We Saw a Puppy At the Farmers Market.  It wasn’t hard to melt me then, and it sure isn’t hard to make me agree now:

This dog works well with the family.

Of course, it’s only been 10 days, but the kids just love the little fella, and he seems to reciprocate.  Trooper laughs so hard when Hobbit Dog (he’s short and hungry and named for a less famous Hobbit) races around the yard.  Rascal runs right along with him.  Dinosaur covers the sleeping pooch with cushions and then sits there with a smile at his work.  Princess will pat the doggie on his back and poke him in the nose, with no angry response from the animal.  The dog likes Haus Meister best of all, I think, and would happily spend hours on Haus Meiser’s lap.

But I’m pretty fond of the little guy myself.  And while it’s a pain sometimes to bundle up to take the pup out for his nightly constitutional, I have to admit, it’s been enchanting seeing my backyard at all different hours.

Fredregar frolics in fallen leaves

One thought on “Doggone it

  1. And yet…Iam unmoved (especially when I think it may have to accompany you on your vists to Indiana)…hmmmmmm……hmmmm……..processing………..hmmmm.

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