“Chill Out”

Here I go again, linking you to the blogrealm of a Mother Wiser than Myself: http://www.testosterhome.net/2009/10/taking-it-in-stride.html

But it is SO worth the read.  🙂  I especially liked her reference to waking up and hitting the ground running because her children awoke at the same time–which prevented her from getting some things done that she would have liked to do.  Um….that happens to me five of seven days a week…. 😉

And when that happens, chances are that yours truly will become cranky or snappish.  I’ll use a loud voice when one may or may not be necessary.  And sometimes, a little firmer discipline.  But you know, I’m human.  I’m not going to be perfect today, or tomorrow, but by God’s grace I’m going to try my darndest to be the best mom I can be for the five blessings He’s loaned me to raise.

So next time I hit the ground running at the start of the day, I’m going to try to remember to “Chill Out” and take the day in stride.  Because you  know, in the end, the stuff that irked me into crankiness wasn’t really all that important in the first place.

Note: these are reflections from reading the above article by Mrs. Balducci.  I really truly had a good day today. 😉

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