Substance of things hoped for….

Last night  Haus Meister flew in from Arizona, where he’d been working for nearly a month.  As it was one-oh-eight-am when his plane landed, I was the only representative of the family to meet him.  As per an arrangement with my parents, they watched the kids while Haus Meister and I nabbed a room in the big city for the rest of the night.  Can I just say it was SO NICE to sleep late?

Meanwhile, we wanted the kids to be surprised by Daddy’s homecoming, so we didn’t breathe a word (past experience has shown that if I tell them “Daddy’s coming home tonight while you’re asleep,” they will stay up and wait for him).  My parents simply told them that I had gone out to pick up a big surprise and would also be going to the store (both true–at 6’+ Haus Meister could definitely be considered a big surprise, and also, we were low on milk). 

As soon as we could with the errands, we returned to the parental abode where we could see the eager faces of our children at the window.  Apparently the cry went out: “She’s got DADDY!”  Haus Meister was bombarded by three boys and could hardly stand for about ten minutes as he was hugged, wrestled, and tickled.  They sure missed him.  🙂  Princess was more mild about her greeting.  She probably thought Daddy had had enough from the boys.

Meanwhile, Rascal turns to me, visions of material goods undoubtedly running through his head, and asks: “So where’s the big surprise?”

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